Past Events


29th/30th March Roman Theme

Where:  Rocky
Goal:  Afternoon Evening Tourney, Pot luck Feast.
Please bring an a&s item and interesting fun fact about the
Ides of March. Food item to use is lentils.

8th March – River Haven Baronial

Where:   TBA

22nd/23rd February – Greek Theme

Where:  Gin Gin
Goal:  Afternoon/ Evening Tourney. Pot luck feast.
Must bring an a&s item and a fun fact ( GREEK).
Item to try and use is grapes.
Cost:  Hall, kingdom and insurance

15th February 2014 Red and White

Where:  Willoughby Vale   (Ipswich)

21th December

Where:  Bundaberg
Goal:  Breakup for the year: Theme Roman, Pot Luck, Please bring an interesting fact about cucumbers.


23rd/ 24th November

Where:  Gin Gin
Goal:  Reorganise Hall and Tourney. Pot Luck Feast.
Cost:  Hall, kingdom and insurance

12th/13th October – Pinefest

Where:  Yeppoon
Goal:  March in Garb/Amour.

18th/ 19th September 2013:

Where:  Gin Gin
Goal:  Garb Repair. Pot Luck Feast. Armoured Training
Cost:  Hall, kingdom and insurance

June – All Things Archery