Upcoming Events

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2nd – 7th April (Rowany)
Rowany Festival

Where:   Camp Wombaroo,
Black Spring Rd NSW
Details Here

4th April (River Haven)
An Evening in Florence

Where:   River Haven Hall,
Wesley St, Lutwyche QLD
Details Here

1st – 3rd May (Ildhafn)
May Crown

Where:   Hunua Falls Camp,
203 Falls Rd Hunua Auckland NZ
Details Here

2nd May (River Haven)
Nanango Event

Where:   TBA

9th May (St Florian)
Knights of the North

Where:   TBA

15th – 17th May (Burnfield)
All Things Archery

Where:   Aldershop Scout Camp
Full Details Here

17th May (St Florian)

Roses of May

Where:   TBA

5th – 8th June (St Florian)
Great Northern War

Where:   TBA

4th – 5th July (Burnfield)
Crossbow Event

Where:   The Glade
Gin Gin QLD 4671
Full Details Here

4th – 5th July (Stegby)
Feast of Friendship

Where:   TBA

11th – 12th July
Abbey Medieval Festival

Where:   Abbey Museum, Caboolture
Details Here

31st July – 2nd August (Burnfield)
Fencing Fest

Where:   Ipswich Vigoro Club
25 Joyce St, East Ipswich
Details Here

7th – 9th August (Rowany)
Radburne War VIII

Where:   Dubbo

28th – 30th (Innilgard)
La Prova Dura di Lochac 3

Where:  Adelaide
Details Here

12th – 13th September (River Haven)
River Haven Baronial

Where:  TBA

5th December (River Haven)
River Haven

Where:  TBA